Government funding can encourage many parties to engage in more collaboration in R&D projects.

Will Government Funding Affect Your R&D?

Government funding can encourage many parties to engage in more collaboration in R&D.

Will Government Funding Affect Your R&D?

RDCI Grant Application

How many RDCI grant have you applied?

Commercial Strategy

This survey is meant for commercial strategy

Number of patents filed for the past 5 years

This survey is to gauge the number of patents filed for the past 5 years in an organisation.

Typical budget allocation for Research and Development activities in Corporate Malaysia

THIS year counts as the most challenging year for research and development in the fields of science and technology. The year saw substantial cuts in the budget for R

Malaysian Education System

Malaysian Education System

Research and Development Spending in the country

Gross domestic spending on R

No survey available for this category

What is your purpose in 1DANA?

To gather information about 1DANA users

Funding Startup

Funding startup

Using Video Conferencing for Visual Communication During the MCO

As part of the implementation of the Movement Control Order, millions of staff have shifted work from offices to homes, many businesses continue to function, schools are able to keep teaching, as well as how families and friends can stay connected during this Cobid-19 Pandemic time. Working from home means that video conferencing, virtual meeting, access to internal IT infrastructure, remote systems access, data repatriation and higher bandwidth are now critical.

Apps to get you through the MCO

Application developed by the Government of Malaysia to assist in monitoring COVID-19 outbreak in the country, which mobile application do you use most often?

The rise of social media and its impact on current mainstream information.

Thinking about mainstream media, social media and phone applications, which information update are more important to you?

Innovation development in Malaysia

In Malaysia science and technology perspective, how many percentage do you think the innovation have been done?

Services provided by UTM University Industry Research Laboratory (UIRL)

UPMU is currently doing survey for 2017. The survey is designed to provide info to know public aware our services.

JKPDA Portal

Survey For JKPDA Portal

Malaysian Innovation Eco-System

A sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of people, to gather public opinion and conduct analysis on certain subject matters.

Malaysian Education System

Are you satisfied with the no-plastic campaign around Malaysia?

To know the feedback of the current campaign to reduce pollution on plastic bags


Collect user opinion and experience using 1DANA portal

1DANA Training Evaluation

Please provide your feedback based on the 1DANA Training held from 21 November 2017 until 8 December 2017 at MaGIC Cyberjaya.

Thesis participation survey

Duration required to develop a thesis for degree student.

General Health Survey

Survey to assess general health status of our respondents